September 17 2014



Paging ticktoast please check your askbox!

I don’t have any messages in my inbox….?????

…weird. I tried messaging you but I’ll just say it over reblog—we are approaching lamentos alpha release and I’ve tentatively assigned you to beta asato’s route. Please lemme know if you’re still up for that, and stand by for further instructions if you are!

idg why my asks didn’t go through >:Ta

September 17 2014


I get a lot of messages from people who want to get a guinea pig. Usually it’s from people that are seriously thinking about it, they have considered it for a while, and want some help or advice :) But I also get quite a few messages from people that have seen a couple of cute posts about guinea…

September 17 2014

Paging ticktoast please check your askbox!

September 14 2014

please please please remember that the finished lamento patch will not be coming out for a little bit yet! we are only at the stage of approaching an alpha release. it still needs to be beta-tested once that is done.

im seeing a lot of folks thinking that this checkvist progress means that itll be released soon for them to actually play and we still have a very important step to go first!

September 12 2014

reminder that you can still volunteer to beta lamento! (please make sure that you can run the game before you do, and that you have enough time to devote to the project). not everyone who volunteers will be able to beta, but if you feel youre qualified just send one of us a message!

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