October 16 2014
is there a good list of everything the dmmd translation butchered? it seemed off to me...

i think monsieurpaprika has a few things listed on their recent posts but i wouldnt be able to tell you where to find a single comprehensive list.

if anyone out there knows please point us in the right direction!

October 16 2014

honestly i think people are kidding themselves if they dont think that these changes werent made, at least in part, to cater to a very specific crowd who would in turn yell the loudest about OMFGJ IM DYIEING????!?! WoW THI S IS TE BEsT

which just happens to demonstrably be the same crowd that cant be assed to scrape together enough reflective power to think critically about why this is a bad thing

October 16 2014


just because something was done for free doesn’t mean that what you got was a good product or that it accurately represented the material it claimed to translate. it blows my mind that so much of the patch was well done (image editing etc) and they screwed the pooch on the translations of a route they didn’t like on PURPOSE

saying “it was free so be grateful even if it’s awful” is like saying “I don’t care if the sandwich I got for free had mold on it I’m going to eat it anyway” and when someone suggests that it was kinda shitty for someone to give you a moldy sandwich you think that’s going too far because IT WAS FREE

October 16 2014
Alright then, I'm glad about that cause there were really was miscommunication there, and I've heard about that too, that being said I don't get why they'd try to kind of "please" the fandom that way, anyway yeah, glad that was cleared out (hopefully I haven't created another misunderstanding with that message)

nope, i think i get you and were mostly on the same page.

i dont know why theyd try to please the fandom in that way. thats mostly speculation. all im seeing is that theres a lot of overlap between the standard fandom language (because tumblr is a pretty apart environment in that regard) and whats presented in the patch, and i think that one definitely has the power to enable the other

October 16 2014





i think the good thing about working on lamentos patch has been that theres less pressure to conform to the things the tumblrsphere-esque people would like to hear. mink can call aoba a little shit when its not in the original text and it slips by as justified because its just “the lingo”, tumblr uses it all the time. the translators have wiggle room to force their own voices into the narrative because the expectations of what dmmd would be has been significantly altered through the flood of memes and macros and tumblr baby speak. people are getting what they want to see, whats in the posts they reblog, and not whats actually there.

doing it in lamento would be glaringly obvious because the tone of the game itself is so different. and thats kind of why im glad lamento has also preceded the migratory tumblr fandom crowds, or wed be up against a pretty different set of expectations.

except in this case it wouldnt be an opportunity to insert our own super edgy take on what we think the text ought to be. it would just be horrendously annoying

I’m sorry I’m confused, why should there be any pressure from any stupid fucks for anything at all ? The translation is the translation, the job’s done and delivered and you can let the fucktards yell all they like honestly. I don’t get why DMMD should be viewed like that at all, whether Lamento is famous or not or whether the fandom has its eyes on it or not it doesn’t matter it stays the same game, same for dmmd, if Mink insulted Aoba at some point then he did, if he didn’t, then he didn’t, who cares about the rest ?

pssst im a member of the lamento patching team also please dont use the word “fucktard” when talking to me, id really appreciate it

and youre kind of ignoring that the fandoms expectations and the dmmd patchers’ own takes made them take some serious liberties with characterization and translations that skew peoples perceptions of the characters? 

and that we can assume that most of the folks who read dmmds patch can be assumed to not be able to read it in japanese, so its the translation that gives them their view of the game?

fine its the same game but if someone calls someone “idiot” in the japanese and “dumbshit” in the english then were not really looking at the same material anymore, right?

Okay wait wait wait, I kind of not understood who were talking about, this is incredibly stupid but I thought you were not talking about the translation team but about the fandom itself, and that by expectations you meant people would expect like for instance Mink to be mean to Aoba for no reason and would want it that way or some stuff, I’ve pretty much misunderstood everything there, the insults not directed toward you, and otherwise I actually agree with your last point and about how there is a problem with the translation

its less the overt actions and more the attitude its entrenched in. 

i mean, im sure there are folks out there who expect mink to be horrible to aoba, and that a lot of people out there dont like mink. maybe the translation team didnt like mink. i dont know. i mean, they were pretty awful to people who expressed concerns about differences in minks portrayal.

but while you cant shoehorn in entire elements like “and then he clocked aoba in the jaw because hes mink”, its pretty easy to make changes to the language to push in different connotations and suggest different attitudes in the characters than what the original text would imply. add to that the fact that dmmd is relatively popular on tumblr, which has its own set of expressions, it makes playing into all of that in order to push your own idea of what the character is mostly a matter of changing the language in a way thats palatable but not actually correct

its cool though, misunderstandings happen. idk if there are people out there who are up to retranslating the dmmd patch but if there are its an effort i definitely support

October 16 2014
sobs god bless your posts about translation errors

my buns will never stop steaming

October 16 2014
Wait a second I've actually realized, I've misunderstood absolutely everything you've wrote on your post, I thought you were talking about people on the fandom and not about the translation team, about the insult that's also not you I was talking to, I thought you meant expectations as in people would want to see Mink being mean to Aoba or some stuff, and I've totally did not understood what you meant, I'm sorry about all that

no worries, i kind of got the feeling there was some kind of miscommunication.

tbh its a collaborative effort of this fandom growing so large on tumblr of all places and the translation team feeding them the things they see on their dashboards all the time

im using minks insult as one example but theres plenty others. mink was just the most obvious problem because idk, hes mink

October 16 2014

like “the translation is the translation” okay thats great for you but a lot of people are disappointed for valid reasons because the translation as it is was kind of a fuckup job sometimes and the patch team laughed at people who brought it up

so, yknow

im pretty glad that hasnt been my lamento experience and i refuse to let it become so at any time in the future

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