September 17 2014

Paging ticktoast please check your askbox!

September 14 2014

please please please remember that the finished lamento patch will not be coming out for a little bit yet! we are only at the stage of approaching an alpha release. it still needs to be beta-tested once that is done.

im seeing a lot of folks thinking that this checkvist progress means that itll be released soon for them to actually play and we still have a very important step to go first!

September 12 2014

reminder that you can still volunteer to beta lamento! (please make sure that you can run the game before you do, and that you have enough time to devote to the project). not everyone who volunteers will be able to beta, but if you feel youre qualified just send one of us a message!

September 12 2014

and just to prove that yeah, it is possible and you dont need to take other peoples writing to get your hands into a character app, here’s about twenty~thirty minutes worth of scribbling out thoughts on Rai (who i gotta write an app for anyway). looking at this i realize im needing to set up a history before i get into writing a personality, and this doesnt even cover all of the history id wanted to cover. personality builds on history, after all.

you can do it. you just need to take your time and have the canon material on-hand and have the dedication to sit down and get in-depth and show people you know what youre talking about.

this needs a lot of revising and hasnt been spell-checked but if i can take half an hour to get to about a half of the necessary character history then id say that doing anything else (especially taking other peoples writing) is selling yourself short. why shy away from writing in a writing-based hobby? why refuse to use your own ability to analyze a character when that analysis is what youre using as a base to write them off?

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September 12 2014

(psst alpha release of lamento goes to the betas only. beta release will be the one we release for everyone to play. hang tight.)

September 12 2014

We are so close to having Lamento ready for alpha release I can almost taste the gay cat tears

September 12 2014

Somebody draw noiz as the kid from the toaster strudel commercials

September 12 2014



unfortunately there are no caps because the ask is deleted but it would fit pretty well with what’s going on?

i will make a few points to answer your claims though, and again chambery can chime in at any time.
1. she “staked claims” on icons that she made herself—not just cropped, but colored, for her own use. or ones that other folks had made specifically for her to use. i dont even care if its just a crop-job, in that case it’s rude to take the icons regardless. either way, there was no credit given to the original makers of the icons anywhere on konyaaoe’s tumblr. not cool.

2. you were told konyaaoe had done nothing wrong. okay. cool. here’s what happened, though:

konyaaoe took icons from chambery and used material from the app she had written for her own app. the similarities were so obvious that at first i had to ask chambery if konyaaoe was actually her rping on dreamwidth. when either issue, the icon issue or the plagiarism issue, was brought up, chambery’s concerns were dismissed. konyaaoe denied finding the icons on dw but stopped using them, which was fine and dandy, but that still left the plagiarised app.

she took her worries and proof to the citta mods who told her that the glaring similarities were coincidental and that konyaaoe’s long-term presence in their game made their case more believable, as if how long you’ve been rping should diminish the possibility that you might plagiarize if you could get away with it (tip: it doesnt).

konyaaoe’s icons and the similarities in application material came from the same character account on dreamwidth. if that’s a coincidence, it’s a darn huge one.

konyaaoe plagiarised her application. that is what they did wrong.

chambery was rightfully angry and upset about this. she was doubly angry and upset when she went to the citta mods looking to see what action could be taken and the citta mods not only sided with konyaaoe, they actually basically told her to back off with her complaints. (there are caps of this convo).

point being: yes konyaaoe did something wrong. chambery’s “rude” and “aggressive” behavior was her being angry and upset that when she tried to do something about it, she was met with disbelief and dismissiveness.

that about sums up that whole gross situation and honestly if you defend konyaaoe after being aware of the details of this fiasco i cant really respect you, sorry.

To be honest i cant really defend anyone and its not my intention to defend anyone when i obviously have no idea what the hell went place on either end. if anything im sorry to chambery for making assumptions that she was in the wrong of place there and having to cut off ties from them as i did.

w/e happened if you have a problem with citta mods again contact me personally and ill actually sit down with the owner whos my brotherly figure and ask him straight up what happened. as this should not have been excusable seeing as such things are a direct violation of the rules. But i doubt such a problem should come up again especially within citta, thats just not them.

secondly what happened with the konoe rper is in the past and cannot be changed and its sad to see the actions that have taken place to have made your view on tumblr rp and the groups very disheartening. You normally are not met with such behavior (im honestly baffled by the fact that you were with the mods as they are all ethical and very lenient on what is wrong and what is right, if the plagiarism had truly occurred). 

I think the more important point here is what is going on now and to prevent it and solve the case, past inferences have no bearings on what is going on right now. And its important that it get solved respectfully on both sides.

The person in question spoke to me and i told them the proof was indispensable and it was uncalled for. They said they are going to change their application but hadn’t known anything went on until you guys had tagged them. I understand youre already grief’d from the last time this occurred that you are disinterested in even approaching people when the last time you did you were met as you were. 

But with their changing of their application, what do you wish to actually happen? Them to be banned from the group? For them to delete their character off? Or for them to come forth and apologize? Or to fess up? Either way, whatever you wish for. Either contacting them directly if you haven’t should be done and then collecting your proof if nothing is done further from that. (As you have already). Send it to the group and if nothing is done again, then im going to fucking get pissed because this is just stupid and obvious drama because I SEE IT word for word placed into the app. And mistake or not, it should not be disregarded. I doubt that much rephirmend will come out of it because on tumblr many groups are very lax compared to the livejournal/dreamwidth community which is anal and pretentious as to what is written and what comes forth. But its likely they may get a warning.  

my only buisness in thisis the disregard i had for chambery initially. thats really it i didnt do anything and had no bearings on what went on. tbh they were people i saw who picked up characters from lamento and me having a rai muse picked up with them as well. we cross paths there and afterwards had not. i know them by name and the occasional conversations we’ve had.

tbh im just dissapointed at least with this application because i see it and its disheartening.

im reblogging this mostly so chambery can see—at the time this whole thing was going down, receiving an ask like that was really not what she needed, so its up to her whether or not to accept the apology.

honestly, i dont look at citta anymore. i ran into the journal by chance because i browse the lamento tags and actually had to confirm with chambery that the journal was not actually them. so the offer is appreciated and will be kept in mind, but it probably wont be needed anytime soon. fool me once, etc. this also means that i cannot vouch for how representative or not this is of tumblr rp culture as a whole, but it’s certainly made chambery (and myself, as we are both lamento roleplayers) more wary of who is allowed to see our writing.

the konoe roleplayer ultimately rewrote their application, but the citta mods specifically said that this was beyond what they would have expected of them in this situation. so take that as you will. i cant tell them what to do since its not my game, but in my opinion that’s a “one strike, youre out” kind of deal, at least with that character. but i guess that opinion differs.

unfortunately there are no caps of the old konoe app, because neither of us thought to back up evidence past the deal with the mods, but the insistence that word-for-word lifting and heavy paraphrasing was all a coincidence was disheartening.

i want to resolve the current happenings as respectfully as possible, but my respect for plagiarism is pretty low as a baseline. on the other hand, its good to know that you acknowledge where this perspective comes from this time—skipping the mod middle-man, as it were (though ive pm’d the unionem mods anyway, after an anon linked them to my post. no reply yet. ill message them again if it ends up taking a while, because i dont want to run off the assumption that theyre ignoring it—they didnt ignore the anon at least)

my personal take, my two cents: changing an application when you are already in the game is closing the barn doors after the horses have fled. they still got in with a plagiarised app. i would recommend a reapplication, but (and correct me if i am wrong since tumblr is not my usual platform for rp) this game allows just about anyone in, almost more of a character claim system rather than app judging. so i dont know how much good that would do. seeing them own up to it and apologize, publicly, would be a great first step though.

if you mean contacting zen/toxga directly, then nah. its not my writing that they lifted, its not my game, i dont know them. im a stranger going “…hey wow that isnt cool”, nothing else. im not here to demand anything of them, only root for outcomes that would be better than being allowed to plagiarise from arguably one of the most prolific writers within the english lamento fandom.

you say youve talked to them about it and it sounds like you were firm about the fact that its really not going to work to deny that plagiarism happened. what i am doing/have done is contacting the game mods. that was two days ago, so well see what comes of that.

tl;dr im glad you see where were coming from, rewriting the app when theyre already set up in the game is not really a solution on its own, mods have been contacted and the ball is in their court now.

(Source: chambery)