July 20 2014

ok but like even if its true that they accidentally aired the “production version” of the episode (which i dont disbelieve cause its right there on twitter)

on what low level on the giveafuck scale do you have to be for this to happen like did no one at any point go “wait hold on one dang second here”

July 20 2014


my experience with this episode of dmmd so far

it took a whole 2 episodes but were finally here

i finished the episode and i stand by this jesus christ above

July 20 2014

ok its been so long since i read the vn but was mizukis allmate ever mentioned? because that ermine is cute as heck

July 20 2014
Don't tell me you won't still dream though. True - it may never come to fruition that Lamento will ever have a good anime, but don't tell me you won't still dream the fangirls' dream!

no i will not