March 18 2014

i was waiting to open these until the second set came in, sooo here we (finally) go!

it seems like people are split on whether or not these panels are worth buying, and to me they absolutely are. the backgrounds always seem to incorporate aspects of the characters’ stories too, and if youve listened to rhapsody to the past you might recognize the significance of some of the motifs in these, too.

another thing i never noticed about these before (though im sure its there in the others too) is that some parts are completely clear, rather than tinted white, such as vergs hair and parts of his pants…fur, frouds skin, half of kaltzs blade, razel’s sclera, etc. 
when displayed against the light, these parts let the most light through, accentuating these parts for a really cool effect.

its almost impossible to photograph these in a way that does them justice.

i was on the fence about getting leaks and shui too, but after seeing these i figure i might as well save up and complete the set.

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